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Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Facebook Ads Asset Enhancements: A Closer Look at Advantage+ Creative

Man evaluating Facebook (Meta) Ads with a binoculaur.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, staying abreast of the latest features and settings can be the difference between a successful campaign and a mediocre one. One such feature that has flown under the radar for many Facebook advertisers is the Advantage+ Creative, specifically the "Asset Enhancements" component. This feature, while designed to optimize ad performance, may not always align with the advertiser's vision or objectives. Let's delve deeper into what Asset Enhancements entail, their implications, and how advertisers can more effectively manage this feature.

Understanding Asset Enhancements

Asset Enhancements by Facebook aim to "Tailor your ad for the person viewing it by letting us automatically optimize your creative." In theory, this sounds promising as it seeks to improve ad performance by making real-time adjustments to your creative based on the viewer's profile. The full suite of enhancements includes:

  • Relevant comments

  • Image filter

  • Music

  • Image template

  • Visual touch-ups

  • Text improvements

  • Expand image

These enhancements are automatically applied based on Facebook's algorithm, which predicts which modifications could potentially enhance ad engagement and performance.

Advanced preview of Facebook Ads placements with Advantage+ Creative enhancements turned on

The Mixed Bag of Enhancements

Not all enhancements are created equal, and their effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the context of the ad and the target audience. For example, many advertisers have expressed concerns about the Music enhancement, which can overlay an ad with music that may not necessarily complement the original creative intent. This mismatch can detract from the user experience and potentially harm the ad's effectiveness.

The Oversight of Automatic Enhancements

Many advertisers unknowingly leave Asset Enhancements enabled, not realizing the extent to which these automatic adjustments are altering their ads. This lack of awareness can lead to surprises and frustrations when the final ad doesn't match the advertiser's original vision.

The Role of Graphic Designers and Ad Managers

It's crucial for graphic designers to be aware of which Asset Enhancements are enabled when creating ads. Similarly, ad managers should communicate clearly with their creative teams about these settings. Understanding the active enhancements ensures that the original design accounts for any automatic adjustments, reducing the likelihood of unwelcome surprises.

Marketing team pointing at a laptop

The Misleading Nature of Adoption Statistics

Facebook claims in some cases that "X% of advertisers turn on" specific enhancements, but this statistic can be misleading. High adoption rates do not necessarily imply that an enhancement improves performance. In many cases, advertisers might not even be aware that these features are enabled, skewing the perception of their effectiveness.

How to Turn Off Asset Enhancements

For advertisers looking to have more control over their ad creatives, turning off Asset Enhancements is straightforward:

  1. Go to the ad level and scroll down to "Advantage+ creative."

  2. Click edit.

  3. In the "Advanced preview," you can see how your ad will appear in different placements and how it might be tailored per person with Advantage+ creative. This section shows one variation for each impression, based on predicted performance improvements.

  4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the status of each enhancement. Toggle the setting for each enhancement to turn them on or off according to your preferences.

However, it's worth noting that there isn't an efficient way to bulk-edit these settings across multiple ads or campaigns. This means advertisers might find it time-consuming to manually adjust each creative and turn off each enhancement for each ad. This lack of a bulk-edit feature can add significant time to campaign setup and optimization efforts, which is a crucial consideration for advertisers managing large-scale or multiple campaigns.

Turning off asset enhnacements in Facebook Ads

Final Thoughts

While Facebook's Asset Enhancements feature under Advantage+ Creative offers the promise of optimized ad performance through automatic creative adjustments, it's essential for advertisers to critically assess which enhancements align with their campaign goals and creative vision. By taking a proactive approach in managing these settings, advertisers can ensure that their ads resonate with their intended audience while maintaining the integrity of their original creative concept.

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